Reading Suggestion

When I’m re-reading a text with all yellow LingQ I like to play the audio, read along, and move through the LingQs with the arrow keys. I have a small suggestion that I think would be great.

You know when you collapse the dictionary side and then you hover over a lingq with your mouse the popup with the hint appears? How about an option to show this when you’re cycling through the LingQs with the arrow keys? That way my eyes don’t have to travel from the current word in the text to the top right of the screen to the hint, and back. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re reading a “really yellow text” all that eye movement slows you down.

@spatterson - You can arrow through the yellow LingQs in the minimized view and then click the space bar to open and close the popups. There was a bit of a glitch with this functionality but it’s now been fixed. See if that helps.

Yes, this does work. Thanks Mark. I can put one finger on the arrow key, another on the space bar and go easily through any yellow text that I want to check. Excellent!
I had the same concern. I hope you also like the way this works!

Well… no I don’t like the way it works. But I’m hard to please. I wish it would stay open as I arrow through the yellow LingQs. That would save a keystroke and time for each word.

yes…we thought of doing that but it’s not that easy to do and you shouldn’t have to look up every word. It might be quite annoying in that case.