Reading statistics on 90 day challenges?

Let’s say, I read an article going back and forth obviously it will inflate my reading statistics. But I fixed it manually by the end of finishing reading that article. But I am not sure what kind of effects going back and forth may have had on the reading statistics on the 90-day challenge goal for reading. Do you think it would have inflated as well and there is no way to fix it manually? I do not see any buttons/counters there.
Yesterday it was showing a halfway mark and today all I read was 2600 words in total. But the reading bar inside the 90-day challenge showed I had already achieved the mark/the challenge.

Any thoughts, please. This is annoying, to say the least, I guess I should stop caring about these challenges and focus on the overall reading goals and make sure they are fixed manually. This is additional work and even with the fast internet, each lesson takes around 25-30 seconds to load., obviously, testing my patience level. Then you come across the above-mentioned issues.

Just get used to this waiting for each lesson to load I suppose . :wink:


You mean the bar “words of reading” inside the challenge box. Before was half way, then achieved, now 2600 words? That’s interesting. :smiley:

EDIT: or maybe the problem went to yesterday? I saw you have 67K words of reading in one day yesterday? That’s definitely a lot. It takes me hours to go to 15K or something and I get exhausted. :DD

Nice catch in any case.

I never paid attention to that bar because it was the only one that I was able to achieve with ease the last months but I generally pay attention to the distribution of all bars so that I know I try to do my best to balance the study of a language.

And yes, I had slow downs as well these days on opening lessons, today seems a bit better. Finger crossed. :open_mouth: