Reading on an ipad through safari makes it difficult to write hints

Hi! I recently got a secondhand ipad 2 which has really boosted my daily routine with lingq.
I’ve tried both the ipad app and using lingq in the browser, but am having slight problems with both. Sometimes the app spontanously shuts down, and when I stop my study session in the middle of a 2000 word text, It starts from the beginning once i get back to the lesson at a later point. It can be rather difficult finding the exact spot again… It could be great if there were some kind of a “bookmark” that you could use to save your position in the text. This could just be the last word looked up. After experiencing these problems, I tried using lingq in my ipad’s browser (safari - and i also tried firefox) this is better. When I pick up my Ipad after a pause, the browser window reloads at the same spot where I left off, but there’s another problem that really irritates me: whenever I want to manually write or edit a hint, the text scrolls automatically to the top as soon as I mark the text field… I then have to scroll down to find my place again. This can be tiresome when it’s repeated.

Lingq works great on my PC, but the ipad is just sore much more handy and comfortable to work with… It would be great if the app or the site worked as well on an Ipad as the PC version does.

Thanks for providing some great study tools!

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Hi Thomas,
What exactly you do when app crash? Does it just crashes randomly or you do something specific? Making possible to continue from the exact spot where you stopped with learning is something we are working on and that option will be available on app 4.0 version which is still in progress of developing.
When you are using browsers, does it scroll to the top after editing hint in both Firefox and Safari?

It scrolls to the top in both Safari and Firefox.
If i remember correctly, the app had a tendency to crash each time I clicked on a word that I had already marked “known” or “ignore” - this didn’t happen with yellow lingqs or lingq’s that were known.
I’m looking forward to seeing the 4.0 version. Any idea of an approximate release date? :slight_smile:

Not sure about release date yet, we had lot of work to do with it, but hopefully you’ll enjoy in new version this summer! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately we are not able to push any fix for current app version, because of apple. Anyway, we weren’t able to reproduce the bug which you reported. Can you please try to reinstall the app and check if that will help? Thanks!

Upon reinstalling te app, I’m not getting THAT bug, but another one: when I double click on a known/ignored word that is not a lingq, and click “make lingq” and then chose a hint, the word doesn’t change, but rather it stays either “known” or “ignored” followed by the screen blinking (perhaps the app refreshing)

After getting back to using the app in stead of the website through the browser, I was reminded how fast the app is.

Whenever I click on a lingq (holding the Ipad horizontally) and have the vertical bar slide in from the right, it blocks out part of the text temporarily, which can be a little annoying. Is there any way to make the app work in two columns, where the right site is permanently for looking up lingqs, like on the website?

I’m studying Arabic. I don’t know if perhaps the different script is influencing on the functionality somehow

AND on the app, sometimes when I look something up in the dictionary and manually write in a hint, I return back to a screen where all of my newly made kingqs (of my current session) have changed bacj to blue - when i click on them again, the vertical bar slides in from the right, but showing three empty boxes where there should normally be lingqs… I have experienced this several times also before reinstalling the app.

There appears to be quite a few bugs when it comse to the app and using the site on an ipad.

All I can say, without wanting to spill the beans, is that the new App, which is part of our Beta, is amazing. Not too far away, so please be patient. And even the main site on the iPad is great. Please hang on, or if you want to you can send an email to support and volunteer to test the Beta.