Reading Comics to learn a language

Has any one tried to read comics in the language they are trying to learn , I used to love marvel comics as a kid and I think i would still find it entertaining as an adult as the art work makes the context easier to learn thats my opinion …

Of course I read comics (especially Marvel :slight_smile: ) in English at the time I was in my teens. Anything that improves the language is good. By the same token, many people enjoy listening to songs and watching movies.

Comics? Let me join! In my case, I have learnt quite a few “useful” English expressions from them.
Also, I have a daughter and she loves reading Japanese comics.She is learning many “kanji”(Chinese characters) naturally. Amazing.

Sorry for posting the same question 5 times on the thread , yes glad other people feel the same way as I do ,yes watching movies is good as well but I mostly tire after awhile as the subtitles move to fast for me, so maybe I can learn German through reading spiderman that would be amazing !!!

Reading manga might be a good way to help with learning Japanese

I have a japanese friend who forbade me to read comics because they were “too over the top” and that I should focus on grammar and stuff instead.

of course he was completely wrong and I found that reading manga to be a great way to learn a lot of natural language that I could not find elsewhere.

I hear that in the schools they try to ‘encourage’ the ALTs to learn Japanese, but they forbid them from reading manga or anything like that. They only want them working in textbooks… that doesn’t sound very encouraging to me. I am glad I do what I want to do

I used to read a lot of comics in order to improve my Japanese. They really helped me learn to understand slang and the way young people speak, which was very helpful when I went to university in Japan. If you’re reading comics to improve your Japanese, then I recommend reading those with furigana, at least at first. That way you can avoid the main barrier foreign speakers have with learning to read Japanese, while you still get to enjoy the language and pick up both new words and kanji.

I read manga in Polish to help with my Polish. I think it’s really good, plus it fits in my back pocket.

I wonder if there are Russian comic books?

Yes, I found an interesting site with Russian comics. - this characters were my favourite where I was child. There is a magazine from children in Russian, named “Funny drawings”, and these characters are from this magazine. - this comics is based on Russian movie “The white sun of the desert” (very interesting movie)

There is a magazine from children in Russian
is “There is a magazine for children in Russian” of course :slight_smile:

Me too, I bought at FNAC many volumes of “Hajime no Ippo” translated in French when I was staying in Paris. I can imagin very well the words I don’t know because I have already read all the books in Japanese.

Manga is a great way to learn Japanese but you must master both hiragana and katakana before you are able to actually read them. So that you can read the furigana on top of the Kanji that you may or may not be familiar with. I really wouldn’t recommend manga for an absolute beginner to start out with. You may even see people discouraging others by saying “You can’t learn Japanese from Anime!” Both true and false. You can learn new words and phrases if you watch if without the English subtitles (or native language subtitles if you’re native language is not English). A lot of “Weeaboos” (For a lack of a better term) tend to think that they will become fluent from watching subtitled anime and only that. Disregarding that the speech style in Anime/Manga are considered very informal and rude. So if you’re trying to be talk with a Japanese person and you use the informal language in anime (to people you don’t know) chances are that the person may think that you’re a rude anime-nerd. Use the two sources as entertainment forms of learning and try to learn the formal language as well. I recommend watching J-dramas, reading magazines (Gossip, Fashion etc.), and surfing the net in Japanese.

Yes im sure it will work in any language I am leaning German I have been looking for ways to make the language learning more fun and I feel comics are a great way to do it.
Good luck with ur language learning and if any one has other language learning tips please let me know!!!
Viele grosse
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