Reading a novel in british english but learning american english

Hello, everyone. I recently bought an english novel that I like in its original language. It’s the last book of Harry Potter Series (Deathly Hallows).
But, when I bought it, I was thinking that it was in the american english (I study it), but I discovered that it’s in british english.
I’d like to ask you if these two versions of harry potter has some differences. I’m a little worry about that because I’ve hearing the audiobook in british too so, in that case, I’d be talking british and not the american english?
And about the vocabulary, it’s different? A lot?
Thank you for reading.

Hi Giuliano. I hope you’re enjoying the book. :slight_smile:

I think the only difference between the British and American versions is the spelling of words like color/colour, etc. All of the words are the same – it’s just that some are spelled differently. There is definitely some British vocabulary in there, but it’s not going to “ruin” your American English at all.

I would say that if you like the book, keep reading it. Don’t worry so much about what side of the ocean the vocabulary comes from.

Fully agreed. I do not worry about regional language differences when I read. I enjoy reading and listening to Portuguese from Portugal and from Brazil for example.

Thanks, Galiana. Actually I don’t think in stop (even if I discovered that my english is terrible) because I’m learning a lot and fastly (and harry potter is a interesting book). I was just worry, because in some languages, the dialects are very different between them. For example, the chinese Mandarin and the Cantonese chinese. The two are the same languages (chinese) but, they are so different that it’s considered as “language”.
So, I was afraid about that.
Thank you again.

oh, I didn’t see your message, Steve. Thanks for comment about.
Well, as a native of portuguese, they are different in somethings but, we can understand each other, even if at the firsts times, it would be difficult because the speech. It is a little different but, the wrote portuguese from portugal and brazil are almost the same thing. Actually, once again, have some differents, because portugese from portugal has some “consonants” at more in some words.
Example: Egito (Br), Egipto (Pt) = Egipt.
But it’s changing because the new “Acordo Ortográfico” (I don’t know how to say it in english) between the contrys that speak portuguese.
But, anyway, thank you two so much.

Yeah, american english and british english are basically the same. The only areas I see a big difference are, as stated earlier, in spelling and also in slang words.