Reader Sidebar Bug

There’s a new bug with the side bar today.

The Dictionaries and Popular Meanings are normally always displayed. Today they aren’t displayed on yellow words so if you want to add a new meaning to a word you’ve gotta go over to the sidebar every time and expand it to get to the definitions. With new words it starts expanded but after selecting one definition it immediately contracts so if you want to add another definition you’ve got to hit the button to expand it again to get back to the popular meanings.

This is a frustrating bug as someone who normally uses the keyboard shortcuts because it makes them impossible to use. Normally you can move through words on a page with the arrow keys and when you want to add a definition you use the up and down arrow keys and hit enter on any meanings you want to add. When the meanings are all hidden this doesn’t work. You have to use the mouse to go expand the sidebar every single time you want to add a new definition, which negates the usefulness of the keyboard shortcuts.


I found an option in the reader settings “Show expanded meaning section” that was unchecked. Checking that option fixed the problem. I’m not sure how it got unchecked cause I haven’t messed with my reader settings but either way it fixed the problem.

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Great, glad to hear you figured it out.