Reader mode?

I read a lot on lingq and the more I progress in my target language the more I feel that the default layout is lacking. My main gripe is that the available window for the text reader is too small, perhaps if there was a popup window or a ‘full-screen’ option that could allow a user to toggle between the default reader and a new large-window option? Something with less frills/distractions but more space to fit words so I don’t have to turn pages so often.

One other thing that has been bothering me is when I adjust the font size of the reader such that scrolling is required to read the full breadth of the page, when you tab to the next page in the lesson the scroll does not readjust itself to the top of the page; i.e. if you are reading page 1 of a lesson and scroll to the bottom of page 1 to read the remaining text after which you continue on to page 2 it will place you at the bottom of page 2 and not the top. This forces me to readjust the scroll more than I need to and it honestly wears on my fingers given the sheer volume of reading I do on a daily basis.


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The entire interface used to be a text reader like that and lots of people complained when they changed it. Personally i hate the interface and all the coins and avatars etc. People who want to read aren’t interested in all that stuff but they tried to jump on the appify bandwagon to get more customers. Imo people who are interested in sticking around here aren’t bothered by the gamification at all and will merely be here to actually read.

The problem is, doing two versions is going to tax the already underperforming programming team and cost more money and server space.

The response to the grumble when they first changed to this current version of LingQ was ‘well we like it’ basically.

There is apparently a new version of LingQ coming in the next few months so we’ll see what they have in store. Personally i wouldn’t hold my breath for a cleaner interface with the focus on reading but we can always hope, eh?

Interesting. In other words I am of the same viewpoint as those people you mentioned in your post. I don’t see how it would be a problem to have a separate reader, it’s just changing the way that the text is viewed is all, but alas. I’m just throwing my 2 cents in there.

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The old reader is available by selecting “Classic” from the reader menu (three dots in the upper right corner of the reader pane). That give you the whole lesson in one scroll-downable view. Though I was skeptical when the current reader was introduced, I quickly came to prefer it, but the old view is there for those who want it. Or maybe this helps: If I put my browser into full screen mode (F11, e.g.) before entering the lesson the software recognizes and uses the extra space for more text. (If I enter full screen mode after entering the lesson, it has already noted the smaller size and continues to present only that much text.) I rarely do this on my larger desktop screen, but almost always do it on my smaller Chromebook.

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I believe the ability to retain classic was only for those who were users before the software switchover. I don’t have a classic option in my reader.

Ah, I vaguely remember that now that you mention it. Sorry for the confustion.