Read words


I have a question about “read words” stadistic:
How does the system update “read words” in my profile?
I mean, when I import a lesson, I open it, I create the lingqs, then I click on “I know all”.
So, supposedly, all the words of the lesson are read. But in the profile stadististics, “read words” is not updated.
Am I doing anything wrong?


I click “I know all”, then adjust the “listening” arrow - after one click on that arrow, the system knows that I have read the text once. And after that, your statistics should be OK.

I see,

However, sometimes I import only text, not audio, and I have the problem with these kind of lessons.

Thanks anyway.

If you only import text, only the read arrow will appear. You can click on the first button at the top next to the title, then adjust the read arrow, it will record the number of words. When you have something with text and audio, both the read and listen arrows appear.

HI again

I think there is something wrong with the process of counting words.

When I go to a lesson (in “My lessons”):
For the SAME lesson, if I set to 0 the number of times I’ve read it, and then to 1, and I do this several times, the total “read words” grows every time I set to 1. So, in my opinion, it’s not working correctly.
In other words, if I set from 1 to 0 the number of times I read a lesson, the “read words” stadistic doesn’t change.


Oscar, you are not the only with this problem.
I noticed such strange behaviour also. I reported it to Mark, but next day it worked excellent on the same lessons…

Just a quick question: am I allowed to import anything as long as I don’t share it? I mean I have a few audio books with transcript what I bought - can I import them and use them?

Akkor lehet importálni amit akarsz. Csak nem hozza azt nyilvánosságra:)

Google translate or you became interested in Hungarian? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m definitely interested in Hungarian as it’s the only Finno-Ugric language I haven’t studied, but I must admit I used Google translate…How’d it turn out?

Let me know when you start learning it :smiley:
Well, I think I know what you meant, but if someone who didn’t know what was the question wouldn’t understand the answer. In other words - with context, it makes (vague) sense, but I get it now. :smiley:

Hmm that’s funky 'cause I translated it English->Hungarian and then put it back in Hungarian->English and it came out correct. Remind me not to use Google Translate for Hungarian…

When I put the correct Hungarian text it gives me the English translation:

Importálsz it what you want. I just do not share it.

Funky, indeed. :smiley: But I think this is very offtopic. Sorry.

“Just a quick question: am I allowed to import anything as long as I don’t share it?”

Yes, yes yes! This is a really useful feature in lingQ! You can import anything up to and including Barrack Obama’s secret diaries, as long as you don’t share them.