Read LingQ on your iPod

Hello and a happy new year to everyone,

Just a quick note for those who have one of those iPhones or iPod Touch things, I found a way you can read your text while listening to it.

Even though I’m sure it is capable somehow, it won’t let you put files like pdfs on it, which is annoying if you want to read text files on it.

On my Mac, I use Preview to save a pdf file as a jpeg, gif, or whatever kind of picture file you like, then put it on your iPod as a photo, then you can flick through your text like a book!

It’s good to make sure you make the text very big in the pdf, so that it’s big enough to read comfortably on you iPod.

It can be a bit complicated or time consuming to convert the files - on mine I have to do one page at a time - but you can make an album for the photo files and so that it syncs what you have on your computer with your iPod, makng uploading it fairly easy.

I hope that all made sense!

Let me know how you get on.