Read aloud or silent?

What the best way to use lingq. Read aloud while reading or silent? I usually read in silence translating the words to English as I am reading. What do you guys do or recommend ? Thanks.

I do both. Silent reading is much faster, but reading out loud enables you to practice your pronunciation and the flow of the language.

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If you already know the words, then you shouldn’t translate them into English. That will slow you down. When you hear the word “dog,” you probably have some faint image or idea in your head. The process goes like this: “Native language word–>Idea”. But when you translate from a foreign language into your native language that will slow you down. You are going like this “Foreign language–>Native language–>Idea” This is three steps. You could just go like this “Foreign language–>idea” so you don’t have to think of the English word dog but you still think of the concept.

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I think you should read aloud for two reasons:

  • First: Practice your pronunciation, as stated by Tarris1.

  • Second: As you’re concentrating on pronounce, you tend to pay less attention on translating to your native language. So, basically, you’ll focus on the sounds you’re making, and thus, have “less time” for translating, since you have to keep the “rhythm going”.

A side effect of reading aloud is that you’ll get used to the language and its words sounds, what will make your listening better.

I recommend reading out loud whenever possible, and never translating.

I think reading out loud can help a lot. Especially with Russian, it helps me to get used to the patterns of the case system, and so they come out more naturally, or I can recognise where I need to correct myself when speaking

I start to read out loud more, the more I understand the lesson. I lose track of the meaning of the article I’m reading if I’m busy trying to focus on speaking, translating, and understanding. Once I understand most of it through silent reading, I read out loud.

This is easy with concrete nouns but very difficult with abstract ideas or concepts. How do you envisage the word ‘should’? Or ‘tendancy’?

I sometimes whisper when there are people around me.


The ultimate aim is to read your target language the same way you read your native language, in other words silently, without sounding out the words in your head.

If you only ever read aloud, you will find it very difficult to make the transition to that kind of reading. The reason is that, even though you will be reading silently, you will still hear the words in your head. That means your reading speed will be very slow.

So in the early stages reading aloud is helpful, for reasons others have stated. But you need to move on to reading silently as soon as possible. At first you will still hear the sound of the words in your head, but with practice you will stop hearing them. Just like when you read your native language.

Long time I read silent, but now I am reading aloud.
Actually books and long articles I read silent, but all lessons in Lingq, even this forum I read aloud.
I watched couple video about reading silent or aloud and make decision read aloud.

I still don’t know how to avoid hearing the words in my head when I read in my native language. I know there exist methods to increase the reading speed. But how did other people find their way to read without hearing every single word in their head?