Reached lingq limit

Hey guys, so I have reached the 100 lingq limit :frowning: i was kind of sad because i was just delving into a new lesson all excited and it told me this. Well I know I have to upgrade but I have to wait till I can get my job, and get in income, which I had an interview this week :p. Since i’m 16 i dont have to big of a budges, especially when I’m saving up to go to Korea. Anyway, I was wondering if you can do just one month slots, or when you do the one month does it just keep taking out every month. thats my question. Otherwise I think I will buy a six month just so I don’t have to worry about that stuff. Also my question is, when you have a lingq and lets save have 5000 of them. Will your flash cards/ word of the day still select from the ones you clicked known on? Also what happens if I have over 100 lingq and for some reason have to stop my basic membership, what happens to my lingq’s? thanks guys, I’m enjoying lingq alot and it is helping me with my Korean.

To my recollection a regular membership purchase is for one month at a time.

When the membership expires you keep all your lingqs, you just can’t add any new ones.

The idea is that you can cancel your membership or downgrade at any time. You are not tied into LingQ. Just remember that you lose all paid membership bonuses from the moment you downgrade to free.

@Minjun_kr - If you want to pay monthly, you must sign up for a recurring payment. If you prefer a one time payment, you can buy a 6-month membership as you say. If you are on a month to month membership, you can cancel at any time and you immediately stop being charged. It is very easy to downgrade and cancel your payments instantly on the Account page. You do get an invoice emailed to you each month to let you know every time you get charged. There is no great downside to the monthly recurring payment.

As for the LingQ limit, when you downgrade to Free again you don’t lose any LingQs you are just not able to create new ones. Flashcards and words of the day work the same way as now but are less likely to send Known Words if you have unknown words in that day’s list.

@Mark- I have a question. If you have a paying membership can you also delete lingqs in bulk?

Yes. That’s right.