When you read a text for a 2nd time, do you count that towards your overall words read stat or do you only count the 1st reading?

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Yup. Count it.

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Hmmm, I’d say don’t count re-read content as part of your total. Here is why: Most of the time you re-read material is at the beginning stages and the material you re-read, like Mini Stories and Assimil lessons, don’t contain that many words to really make a dent in the 1-2million total words you’ll need to read to get good at a language anyway. But more importantly, whey you start reading novels, would you expect that re-reading a book of 100K words 10 times give you the same results as reading 10 individual books of 100K words? I would not.

The whole point of read statistics is to give you a ball park data point as to how many words you have encountered in different contexts – and he context part is very important.

You can re-read content if you feel it will give you a better grasp of the material, but I don’t think it counts the same way as far as the total read statistic is concerned.

But at the end of the day, just like at the gym, you’re the only one counting so you can include them if you want, but your 1-million re-read words won’t have the same weight and impact as someone else’s 1-million words from unique content.

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I count it. And if I can remember Steve said in one of his YouTube videos he counts his.

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That makes a lot of sense. To me the statistic isn’t about having the same experience of reading it the first time, it’s to simply show progress. if I can feel good about reading anything for the day and know I am still moving forward, that’s my goal for most of the statistics.

I’m still at the beginning learning stages though, so any motivation that keeps me interested I am a fan of.

I always count it because I am not the same person the second time around as I was initially.

What is really exciting is when you read the same text a second time (or third) months after you first went through it and you notice things that you missed before.

It not only makes you feel like you have a deeper understanding than before, but you also notice how much you’ve grown as a language learner.


Yes! This is so true.

For me it depends how much time has passed since the first and second reading. If the second reading happpens after more than three month I usually count it. If not, then I don’t count it.

I wouldn’t pay much attention to the statistics. Just enjoy your learning process:)