Re: further frustrations

I’ve been getting negative coins amounts for doing my lessons. Two days in a row and I have gotten no response from my emails concerning the matter. Am I the only one experiencing this glitch?

Do you mean that when you do a lesson, the coins go down? I don’t know what the coins are for anyway.

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Something like this? Negative Coin Total - Language Forum @ LingQ

Not really, I am not able to add any coins and my streak has also been reset to zero as a result of using the software

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I’ve seen that this can happen when you accidentally add words to known the previous day and then add them as new lingqs the following day/s.

However, this is my assumption after having experienced this twice now. I have since been intentionally taking note of what/if I auto lingq to see if it happens again.

This might be related to the negative coin problem. I was working on a new lesson but none of the unknown vocabulary was highlighted blue. I don’t know what caused this since it was all new text for me

You use the coins to buy stuff for your avatar.

So I have 13733 know words. I only add words that I truly know or my word count will go down when I realize I don’t know them in the future. If you dont click the blue words as unknown then in the future when youe realize you dont know them then your word count will change.

@Potomacker You can lose coins when you make changes to words you already got coins for earlier. For example, you make a word known and get coins for it. But then, if you later select that same word and make a LingQ of it, you will lose coins.