Ray Kurzweil speech with English subtitles - excellent transcription and interesting video


If you’re interested in technology and the history of human species and technological evolution and acceleration, you’ll be hanging on Ray’s every word. Wonderful for people learning English and will keep you engrossed for a long long time.


Just to note you can click “english subtitles” and the subtitles follow exactly what he says, word for word.

An interesting side-note is that Ray mentions a recent breakthrough in another talk at Singularity Summit 2009 where he cites a group of DARPA researchers working on the GALE project (Global Autonomous Language Exploitation) who have managed by their set date (2010) to create a 95% accurate arabic translation program, through AI/pattern recognition techniques got the computer to perform translations from english to and from arabic with human translator quality. this is without explicit grammar rules or formal teaching techniques. the entire language sets were perceived by the computer program as 2 pattern associative sets, with patterns spanning multiple words or “phrases”. the rest fell in to place. This won them the DARPA prize in computing for that year.

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