Rating lessons

We are finally able to rate LingQ lessons! I wonder if the provider is alerted when one of his/her lesson is rated and if he can know who rated it or not.

Oh, cool. But I don’t know if I’ll bother unless there’s a reason.
Like people being able to sort content by rating or the content provider being able to get more points for high rated lessons.

Well, you know, some people may get angry if they knew who gave a low rating to one of their lesson… :slight_smile:

This is great, but I don’t see any changes in the Library (Sort by rating, display rating, …)

I believe that ratings will display after a certain number of ratings to avoid extreme ratings. I don’t know if we will be able to sort by rating. It is something to think about, but not necessary in my view. I think we should be guided by interest and level. But I guess this can be added if the demand is there.

Sol, the purpose is to help us and users sort out the good content from the bad. I suspect that most people will only rate really good or really bad content. We will look at eliminating really bad content. It is an opportunity to reward the efforts of those who created or uploaded very good content, since users will be more likely to choose highly rated content.

Is it a rating of a lesson or of a collection? At the moment I found stars on the collection page only.

The rating feature is found at the bottom of the lesson page. The collection rating is currently the average of the ratings of the individual lessons.

Thank you, Alex. Where can I see the lesson rating in the library?

We’re working on this now. Currently you can see collection ratings by opening up the collection popup or going to the collection page. Please give us a bit more time to refine it as we take into account some of the suggestions that have been made thus far.

Thank you. Sounds great.