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I’m absolutely new here, having been watching Steve Kaufman on and off for years. It was the mobile integration of Lingq that he has been advertising that convinced me to pull the plug and try this service. I’m very happy with the state of the desktop site, but on mobile I’ve got some questions.

If I select that I know a word and later discover that I do not, or that I’d like some clarification I cannot select a word already known? I also cannot choose how well also know a word on mobile.

And for some suggestons–on mobile this forum treats replies like bullet points, they’re tabbed, but that doesn’t format well at all on mobile. It’s very inconvenient if not sometimes impossible to use the forum on my phone. Lastly, a search feature for user uploaded content would be useful.


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Hi, welcome to LingQ!

You can select a word already known on the mobile app (at least on iPhone). Just tap and hold on the word and you get the options of Copy or Add LingQ. You can also choose how well you know a yellow word by tapping that word. The hint comes up at the bottom of the screen with the numbers 1-4 + tick.

I agree about the forum view on a mobile browser. It’s unreadable.

Hi Glossonaut,
Are you using app version on your mobile or web version? If you are using the app, jungleboy’s reply should explain how to select white words. Just tap and hold.
Also, which browser are you using on mobile, related to forum issue you mentioned?

All my grievances were on the mobile app, and yes jungleboy explained them and everything is going well now. I appreciate the help.

As far as a broswer it’s Chrome, on both desktop (rarely use) and mobile (Android), the website is a little “clunky” honestly I don’t enjoy it at all on a mobile browser, and like I said the forum is nearly impossible to use on a mobile browser.

I don’t mean to complain as a new member here, and I understand that Lingq may not have a person in permanent employment to code for the forums, nor that Lingq would necessarily prioritize it, but it’s that I see a whole lot of potential in this service, that some tweaks of the user interface would go a long ways to making the service well worth the money.

While I’m at it, for whoever may see this since I’m unlikely to post again…

If formatting were made cleaner and with essential features as easy as possible to find and use, and the forum completely formatted to mobile, and then the hard part, if languages could slowly be prioritized by order of popularity to teach the dictionary that conjugations and declensions are one word, perhaps with a conjugation and declension table feature coded into the definition pop up–if that could be accomplished, this would be the ultimate language service bar none.

If y’all want the McDonalds of online language learning, do that ^

I agree with the conjugation thing. That’s why i use wordreference for French - because you can type in any conjugated verb form and it directs you to the infinitive - it’s brilliant.

Yes, forum is not readible if you use a mobile device. it should be solved.