Rambling in spanish

Solo quiero escribir un poco para aprendiendo través escribiendo (pardon por la redundancia) no tengo una tema solo el acto y la práctica de escribiendo por que este el punto del ejercicio como un músculo necesito fui al gym lo mismo co la mente y la practica del su idioma que esta aprendiendo

Sorry, but there*s a specific writing forum on LingQ for that.
Or even better: use ChatGPT in Spanish.

On the LingQ forums, that’s nothing but “noise”.

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There’s the “writing exchange” on Lingq (click on Community section and it’s one of the tabs). They get submit their writing and get feedback on it. Seems like exactly the place to “ramble”. Of course, if they don’t care about any feedback they can ignore it, and or just write in their favorite text editor or “notes” application.

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Couldn’t find anywhere
Why i posted it here

Click on “Community” at the top of this page.
In the next row there will be Forums - Challenges - Writing Exchange - …
Writing exchange is what you want.

Or, use this link:


I used ur link nothing came up
I can’t find that section

It should look like this:

Click on submit writing, select your language and write away.


There’s no problem with rambling in your L2.
However, you want corrective feedback or meaningful interactions
that are worth your precious life time…

As I wrote, why not use ChatGPT in Spanish for such interactions?

  • ChatGPT
  • Here is a list of suggestions on how to use the generative AI: Anmelden - LingQ
  • Or use the writing exchanges on LingQ (or other forums such as: https://hinative.com/), see the posts by Eric and @hiptothehop.
    BTW, it would be more helpful to write about specific “topics” (e.g.,
    your life, your hobbies / interests, the stuff you read / listened to / watched,
    your work, etc.) in Spanish.

Only writing “que quieres escribir en esp para mejorar tu esp” leads to nowhere.
It’s the same for going to the gym doing weight training / calisthenics, etc.: you should know what and how you want train :slight_smile:


jkdfighter81 - This is good advice. Chat GPT is really great for this, because the feedback is fast and you can ask follow up questions immediately. It shortens the feedback loop and you can learn much faster.


The link provided by @hiptothehop still works - both in a new browser window and a new browser tab. I just tested both options with Firefox (on a desktop PC).

However, the name “Textkorrekturen” (in German), “Writing Exchange” (English),
“Intercambio de escritos” (Spanish), etc. varies depending on the language you selected for your LingQ user interface.

Here is the link for the Spanish user interface (i.e.: “Aprende idiomas en línea: Inglés, Alemán, Ruso, Japonés-LingQ” for Spanish instead of “Learn languages online: English, German, Russian, Japanese... - LingQ” for English):
Conéctate - LingQ

Or you may have browser extensions such as script and / or ad blockers that prevent the link from opening. Then you have to give the add-ons permissions for LingQ first.

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