Radio stadio for english?

On my Ipod, I use an application (radio) and I’ve got all world stations radios for talk/spoken word.
Do you have an idea for learning english with a good station radio ?
I listen the first station, it is “ASCAP”, but they are many other stations.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Salut Vincent,

Is there a particular accent you’d like to listen to most? For example, North American or U.K. varieties or even down under?

What is your level in English? On your profile it says Beginner 2. Is that accurate?

Bonsoir Peter, tu ne dors pas ?!

So I would like listen a radio without particular accent, for understand better. Otherwize, maybe North American varietes because I think I will use english for principaly watch american movies and series. Now, I’m reading a book and I listen country music (AmercicanaOK) It’s very relax !

Yesterday, A friend show me a software very good fort helping to write french. The name of this software is “Antidote”, I think that can help you for your french improuve but this software is not free :frowning:

Thanks for the tip Vincent, I’ll check it out.

Perhaps some of the American or Canadian LingQers can name some good talk-back style radio stations for you to listen to.

British English: BBC World Service. I recommend their podcasts too.

What is the name of this app Vicento? I will like to upload it as well!
And a recommendation for some good French radio stations please!