Radio Garden - A world of radio!

I’ve just heard about this amazing website. I am in my element. You listen to radio stations by rotating the globe (which looks a bit like google earth). I love listening to radio and find it really helps with learning languages. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

This is the best radio website ever! Now, I am listening to a prank call on Radio Valladoid. (Cope Valladoid) I don’t understand much but it sounds funny. I wanted to listen to a radio station in Barcelona but couldn’t recognize if I was listening to Catalan or Spanish. :slight_smile:

I do love it! Perhaps the only thing i don’t like about it isn’t I can’t seem to search for a specific radio station. I prefer my talk radios like Deutschland Funk but I do love exploring the world and flitting between different languages!

does it have talk radio too

No doubt it probably does somewhere but the tricky bit is just finding it. I did hit onto a nice radio station in Kassel this morning doing some kind of German satire! I think the tricky bit is just knowing where to look. As far as I can tell there isn’t anywhere to actually type in a station’s name like for example with easy radio app which I use on my phone. Easy Radio is great as I can type in Deutschland Funk and I’m away. Although not nearly as fun as bumping into random local radios on the big globe.