Quiet podcasts

Hello there!
I really enjoy and learn a lot listening your dialogues (Steve-Mark-Jill). But I guess they were recorded too much quietly(in a very low voice). So it is hard to me listen to them when I am outside. I have no problems with ohers podcasts like Steve´s book, or podcasts from another proveedor.
I really apreciate if you can record the coming up dialogues in a loud voice.
Thank you in advance!

Aleja, There is little we can do about podcasts recorded a few years ago. Do you find that our recently recorded podcasts in EnglshLingQ are too low?

It is possible to open the quiet content in Audacity, then click: >effects>amplify to enhance the volume

Yes, Steve. I am afraid I find old and new podcasts quit a bit low. This problem only happen with your dialogues with Jill, Mark, Tom, etc, not with the other podcasts (your book, different proveedors)
Dooo: I am sorry I do not understand what you mean. What is “Audacity”? It is a program o something? (sorry because I am too ignorant…)

“Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds” - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

I´ve already download Adacity. Now I can listen loudly, but just in front of the computer. What I have to do to enhance the volume in my mp3?

click effects and amplify like ‘dooo’ said then in the file menu you should see something called ‘export to mp3’ and you should be all set…

I think you have to download the exported new file on your MP3 player.
After that it should be louder.