Quickly delete lessons/courses from "My Lessons"?

I recklessly added a lot of courses to 'My Lessons", thinking that would enable me to find them quickly. But now the My Lessons page takes forever to load, probably because it’s fetching all those lessons from the database. The only way to delete a lesson is one by one. Is there a way to delete a course, or easily delete a bunch of lessons – or is there some way to just clear out my entire My Lessons list?

Did you try to go to the course page (a link can be found top left while editing any lesson). Is it not enough for your needs?

No, that’s not enough. The Les Miserables course has dozens of lessons. Each one requires clicking a tiny arrow, then Delete, then clicking Yes. It’s giving me carpal tunnel. There’s no Delete Course option, no multiselect, no nothing. Could I submit a help request to just have them remove all the lessons from my library, just clean everything out? I’d rather just start over at this point.