QuicklingQ Mode on/off:)

Can somebody explain how can I use QuicklingQ Mode on/off I have no idea what is that all about:)

You can learn more about this in our recent update announcement: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/new-forum-ui-manual-lesson-mode-keyboard-shortcuts-90-day-challenge

If you still have questions about this let us know :slight_smile:

Thanks:-) and yeah I understand now:-) its very useful and am satisfaid when I see how you are developing lingQ:-) how ever I’d have another question, is there some playlist where I can add my favorite songs, stories, conversations etc. For examlple when some story is over I need to click library, my lessons or my imports and choose another material that I’d to listen:-) And I put question here because I didn’t want to open another topic:-) Otherwise keep up with good work, you are doing awesome job :slight_smile:

I typically just click the “Learn” button and access my courses and lessons through the Learn page. It doesn’t offer the same sorting options, but it does show my most recently accessed courses and is quite convenient in finding a new lesson to study in a course I’m working on.

You can create playlists and add your lessons to playlists. To do this, just go to the My Lessons page, click the “V” next to the Open button, then select “Add to Playlist”. Hopefully this helps!

I knew that ( and I already added few lessons to my playlist) Im just wondering when Im listening some story and when this story is over, if can program automatically go to the other story?:slight_smile: I don`t know if this exist :slight_smile:

Not on the site itself, but this option is available with the Playlist functionality in our mobile apps :slight_smile:

Ok:) thanks for your answers and keep up with good work :slight_smile: