Quicker/clearer way to delete imports

Hi. I’ve enjoyed your site a lot but I’m at a point in my language learning where the languages I’m studying are either 1) not supported by Lingq or 2) I’m at a high enough level to understand most of what I read in physical books and mostly use monolingual dictionaries rather than translating to English.

Today I tried to cancel my subscription (perhaps not permanently, I definitely would have considered coming back to study, say, Gujarati whenever I come around to it). I was given a notice that said that I had to have fewer than 5 imports to be able to cancel.

Now, I absolutely understand that you don’t want to be holding the data of people who aren’t paying. Fair enough. Space costs.

What I don’t understand is why I need to go back and delete every single text individually. I have studied a whole host of languages on your platform, the ability to do so is part of what drew me to it over other options. As far as I can tell there is no option to see all imports across all languages, you have to click on each language individually.

Not only that, but some of the lessons are in “my lessons” and others are in “my imports” (why not all the imports are shown under the import section escapes me), and to show all the imports every single time you have to click “show A-Z” rather than “show recently added”. This is simply too complicated and takes way too much time to get done.

I’ve just spent at least 25 minutes deleting files just so I can cancel this service (and I’ve had to go back to the cancel option three times because it wasn’t ever clear when I had deleted enough imports). I of course won’t come back now even when I get around to studying Gujarati, but maybe you could improve this system to avoid annoying other customers who might still return.

Have a good one.

Actually, I was wrong. I only just managed to cancel my subscription. It took at least 40 minutes.

Another thing that I don’t understand is why if I still have my subscription until the next payment time I need to delete all my files in advance, why doesn’t the system just automatically delete my files once my subscription expires, as is the case of all the other information you will delete? It seems like it’s purposefully designed to make it difficult, although I don’t think that’s what you intended.

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This is all so true. I actually thought I had deleted my account over a year ago, and just discovered monthly lingq payments from my bank.

So I assumed it was my fault, so came to delete my account today and after like 10 marketing pages (which are so so annoying to make you want to stay), I then cannot get rid of account because I have to search and delete my own lessons :confused:

I absolutely love Steve Kaufmann and his videos, and LingQ as a platform is amazing, but I am not sure who is in charge of this exit page, because this does not seem like something Steve would approve of…