Quick Russian question

So I am finally trying to do a bit of work on learning Russian grammar. I am so far quite confused and I have a quick question. I am looking at the noun declension tables on this useful grammar website

The Prepostional Case of Russian Nouns ← for the prepositional case
Genitive Case of Russian Nouns ← for the genitive case

For each case, the tables give instructions for how to decline nouns in that particular case given their gender and ending. I notice though, that none of the tables on this website say what to do for feminine nouns ending in -я. Does anybody know why they don’t say anything about this? Is it that the declension works in the same way as the feminine nouns ending in -ь?

Not always.
Compare Genetive and Preposional of different feminin nouns:
сестрА- у сестрЫ - о сестрЕ
деревня - у деревнИ - о деревнЕ
армИЯ- у армИИ- об армИИ
мышь- у мышИ - о мышИ
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