Quick lookup alt tags in content view


I’m fretting over how much load the poor server must be on everytime I click on a lingq just because i forgot the meaning of a word! Being half way around the world doesn’t help me either as it takes a while for the meaning to pop-up - sometimes in the 5-10 second range and over the course of a few pages of text with a few hundred unknowns, that can translate in to a lot of latent time for myself… not to mention so much extra load on the server. I was thinking perhaps if the meanings were already served when the page loads it would make life easier for everyone?

Perhaps using a span tag with a title or the acronym tag you can take advantage of hovering your mouse over text and the translation hint appears as an alt tag would over an image? Just thought it would be worth a try. Not sure if it will interfere with all the other stuff you got going on in there.

[span title=“Excuse me!”]Excuse me![/span]
[acronym title=“Excuse me!”]Excusez-moi![/acronym]

so very very simple code-wise i know… but i think something similar to that would make it just that much easier, faster and more efficient from both the learner’s perspective and the erm server’s :slight_smile:

Hi Roy,

I ran this by our developers and they think it’s a great idea. Thanks for the tip! We will definitely put this in our todo list. As you say, it will be more efficient and will save our server’s resources.

Excellent! I’m sure a lot of the userbase would find it very efficient when viewing a transcript for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th + time.

Being a programmer myself, I’ve made myself a quick and dirty script to mark-up transcripts cos the latency of the look-up forces me to pause the audio frequently. I’m now using it and the look-ups are quick enough that I can look up the new words as I’m listening to the podcast.

I then go back to LingQ and update my reading/listening stats as I did when I used to print out the transcripts and pencil in the definitions. Seems much easier and yes it works well.

I also think this would be a great thing to have in LingQ.