Quick LingQ

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the new Quick LingQ tab. It makes it so easy to scan down the list and eliminate known words in the language where I have a large vocabulary (French), and it makes it really easy to scan down the list and understand a simple reading in a language where I have virtually no knowledge (Swedish). I think this feature is going to make it much easier for me to get my feet wet in Swedish, to the point where I will want to continue because I am enjoying it.

The more I use the Quick LingQs feature the more I love it!

I agree! The new Quick LingQ tab is awesome! Thanks for this great update!!

I am just wondering why some Quick LingQs have phrases and some don’t.

Hi Ed,

We are having a problem with phrases containing an apostrophe. Are the missing phrases in this category?

don’t think so, it is in Japanese "JapaneseLingQ > #28 Emiko and Emma - Emiko’s new cell phone "

I only just start using the Quick LingQ tab and it is AMAZING. Makes study so much easier. I can create my own graded reading material very quickly and efficiently this way. It’s like having a big sack into which I hoard all my new words! :smiley:

Glad you’re enjoying it, Chris! We’re continuing to look at ways that might make LingQing even easier :slight_smile:

Using Quick LingQ, we can lingQ very quickly and easily by clicking the meanings someone already created, but the problem is that it is impossible to choose the appropriate meanings according to the contexts. Sometimes, I have to look up special idioms composed of very easy words. So, I lingQ each word, reading texts.

I agree with Dilemme. I like to find a context appropriate definition. I consider it time well-spent.

The great thing about language learning and about LingQ is that we need to do what we like to do. If we like what we are doing we will spend the necessary time to learn.

I use QuickLinks with language content that does not have too many new words. I then read, listen and digest the new words on my iPad with iLingQ. I find that very efficient and pleasant.

If the text is more difficult, or if I am in a hurry to get the bottom of it, I will use the standard view.

I am also happy to find User Hints, which I accept as a hint, and a first step towards understand the scope of meaning and usage of the new word. I do not really like to linger in the dictionary looking at examples, etc. I just want a quick hint. Every one has their own approach, and if it makes you (or me) happy, then it is the right approach for you, or me.

Please do a screencast of how this function works. Not once did not see her at work, I want to see that she is able to…