Quick Ignore and Make Known Function

We have just pushed a small update to help speed up LingQing. For those of you who regularly Ignore or make Known individual words, you can now click on a blue word and you will see two small controls directly on the word itself. Click the red “x” to Ignore the word so it won’t be included in your database or statistics. Or, you can click the blue tick mark to add the word to your Known words list. Of course, it is still fastest to make all remaining blue words Known by clicking the LingQ’d button but for those who prefer dealing with each word individually, these two small changes should make your LingQing that much more efficient.

Enjoy and tell us what you think about this update! Make sure to refresh your lesson page to clear your cache and see these changes.

Speeds it up for me. Because most of the lessons I go through in Spanish I already know most of the blue words, but I do it one by one because I want to keep out the fake words/other language words that are there.

because like a champ, I’m going through with the audio, which I have to keep up with.

I had to switch to Mozilla to use it though, it didn’t show up in chrome.