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I’m a new user to lingq and so far I’m enjoying it so thanks for all the work you guys put in!

One thing that would be great to have is a quick edit feature when in a lesson. All I would need to be able to do is to remove spaces.
Often times I import lessons (in Japanese) and the auto splitter does its thing to break apart words to then be identified as lingqs. And while it does a fairly decent job, there are usually a number of mistakes in a single lesson; in which case that means that as I’m going through a lesson and having a good time, I will stumble across a word that’s incorrectly split and then I’m faced with two main options in that moment.

A) let the lingq stand as is picking a definition for it, or clicking ignore
B) exit the lesson to edit it

In favor of saving time, I’ll usually go with A, but it doesn’t always make me feel great because I’ll be nagging myself throughout the remainder of the lesson that I purposefully skipped a word I wanted to study later OR that I entered in a word that I know technically isn’t a thing in Japanese and that it’s a broken up word that wont get recognized later if identified properly in another lesson down the road (which will lead to duplicates of too many words).

Otherwise, I will stop my progress to execute option B. It’s not a terrible inconvenience to find the mistake and fix it, then go back into the lesson, but it really breaks the immersion and flow of studying in my opinion. Plus, unless I have the endurance to sit there and find and fix every little spacing error in a lesson (lessons I usually import are several hundreds to two~three thousand characters), I’m going to choose the least worst option, A.

If there was a way to quickly make edits while in a lesson to construct and input correct words/word compounds that would be a lifesaver for me when studying/reading.

But thank you again for all the work and care you guys have put in! Keep it up.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. Lesson editing will be much easier in the upcoming update. That’s exactly something we are working on. LingQ 5.0 coming soon!

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