Questions to natives about a song

hello all .

I was listening to a song : by unknown brain - say goodbye

And I have some questions since I am not a native english speaker …


Uh, I’m sayin’ bye to all the lies and all the times you cried

Sayin’ that I wasn’t right, that I was right by your side

here is what the male sings … in bold I highlighted what I can’t hear … does he really sing ( right, THAT I …)?


I know that I, gotta stay away from all your games and

I know that I, found somebody else to love you dead

here is what the female sings … in bold she sings the word GAMES … but does she pronounce it correctly? some thing is off with the way she says GAMES … :confused:


LOVE YOU DEAD … all lyrics writes it like that … but it makes no sense …

what I hear more less is ( … else to love to death ) am I right?

I need natives to listen to it carefully please :slight_smile: , thanks all

here is the link to the song :

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Great song.

#1: Where your post mentions “right, that I”, I hear “right, I”.

The alveolar stop after the “h” of the word “right” breaks the word “right” into two pieces, “righ” and “t”. Then there is a brief nonstandard vowel sound added after “t” as the singer ends the alveolar stop, letting air flow again before reshaping his mouth from the alveolar stop shape to the standard diphthong sound of the word “I”. I would write it like this:
“Saying that I wasn’t right, I was right by your side.”
The meaning is that the woman said that the man “wasn’t right”. “I was right by your side” is the man’s rebuttal.

#2: Where your post mentions “to love you dead”, I hear “to love today”. The “to” sound of “today” is pronounced with a quiet “t” consonant and with the diphthong version of the vowel. This diphthong version of the vowel in the syllable “to” rhymes with way that Americans pronounce the name of the letter Q. Another word that can be pronounced with the diphthong version of this vowel is “Tuesday”.

“games” sounds correct to me.


rwsandstrom THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I have same problem
Can somebody whose native language is English help me, please? I can’t find anywhere the lyrics of one song and my English isn’t good enough to figure it out by myself at some specific moments of the song. Can somebody, please, help with these moments? (I’d be also glad if You wrote the whole lyrics, but it’s not too necessary)
Song: The Ugly Kings - The Fire

1:16 - 1:24 “Sticks and stones ???”
2:12 - 2:22 “Mama taught me To ??? his faith”
4:00 - 4:05 “Run away from this (these) ???”
4:12 - 4:16 (Literally whole line)


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here’s the specific moments, I hope that it helps!
1:16 - 1:24 “Sticks and stones … (take my petty shit)…"…the road is long”
2:12 - 2:22 “Mama taught me To (measure a man) by his faith”
4:00 - 4:05 “Run away from this (deal)… from (these) ”
4:12 - 4:16 (Literally whole line)“crooked pharmaceutical dealers”

written out, I annotated timestamps in relevant places.
0:57 “it takes a whole man… feel it in my bones, my limbs on fire, yeah , I’m finally whole,
1:16 - 1:24…“sticks and stones, take my petty shit,” the road is long when you’re… moving no-where” 1:32
…because the looooord , the lord can take it all" 1:53
1:55"these hand are shaking,(I’ve) never felt this way,
see I travelled to far, not to fight another day,
my mama told me,
2:12 - 2:22"to (measure) a man by his faith,
but I’ll stand my ground when they fall to their knees,
the loooooord , the lord can take it all,
its burning in my soul,
so I better keep rolling on
so lord deliver me, from all this pain I feel,
I’m gonna run from this place,
4:00"run away from this deal",
4:05 from all the liars, the cheaters, the conmen, the haters, the promers???, 4:12 “the crooked pharmaceutical dealers”,
4:16 “I don’t need them, I’ll walk, I’ll run then I’ll crawl, they ain’t gonna break me, they ain’t gonna take me”
I said the lord , the lord can take it all, this fire is burning in my soul, no the lord can take it all, no he can, no he can " 5:00
5:43 no the lord can take it all… this fire’s burning in my soul, so I better keep rolling on, oh no "6:10


Thank You very much :grin: