Questions concerning recruiting people to do mini stories for Languages not yet supported by LingQ

I want to learn Swahili. And there are some teachers on italki who I would like to contact, and ask them if they would be willing to record the 60 mini stories, so Swahili can be a supported Language here at lingQ.

What kind of information do I need to give them, if they were willing to record the 60 Mini Stories?


We already have first 20 stories translated and recorded to Swahili. 40 more stories left to be done.
Anyone interested to help can contact me on zoran(at) for more information.


I am considering doing this for Kannada, since that’s on my wish list, so I’d better check that you don’t have people working on that already. Are there currently any volunteers?

Also, a while ago I commented on one of Steve’s videos where he mentioned Georgian, and he replied that he had heard nothing back about volunteers for the mini-stories, and bit later I subsequently took the liberty of contacting Georgian speakers on Reddit and Discord to try to recruit some of them for the mini-stories translation project, and one of them said that she had contacted LingQ only to be told that the Georgian stories were already done - presumably someone must have put in a lot of work in a short space of time. Is that accurate, and if so, do we know when Georgian will be up on the site? It turns out that there are quite a few Georgian speakers on the internet who are keen to help make their language more accessible, so if the language will be officially supported soon, maybe I can try to get some of them involved in recording authentic unscripted dialogues for transcription and sharing on the site.


I finished the book “beginning Georgian” or something like that a long time ago. Being able to refresh what I learned and go further would be really awesome.

@WinterShaker We don’t have anyone working on Kannada at the moment.
Georgian is done, all 60 stories are ready and that language is in process of being added on the site. It will be available in the near future.


In addition to contacting teachers on iTalki, you might also want to try putting up a post on Reddit at - at any rate, I’ve found a few language nerds who are willing to help create materials for other languages on those languages’ respective subreddits, so it is worth a go.