Questions and bugs on the statistics screen(s)

Statistics is one of the most important motivational factors here at LingQ. As I started to pay more attention to it, there appeared some questions and irregularities.
I’d appreciate if someone from LingQ team could address them.

  1. Why are there two different statistics sources? “Last week” (7 days) on the right seems to be not equal to “Last 7 days” on the left. “Words of Reading” and the other numbers don’t match. Please describe how exactly both options work.
  2. The main statistics screen is not available in the app. It would be helpful to have one, as it seems more dynamic.
  3. The “Last three months” option on the web version shows the same numbers as “Last two months” in the app. It’s clearly a bug, and a very old one.
  4. If I re-read some text, the “Words Read” value does not increase. Was it done by design, or is it just a bug? In my opinion, reading for the second time should be considered a valid trackable activity.
  5. What does CHANGE exactly mean? Please explain, what is being compared to what.
  6. The “Lessons Published” count: if set to “Last 7 days” it says I’ve published 345 lessons during this period, and 322 lessons previously 345-23. I import a lot, but nothing close to that. Is this a bug? Or do I get it wrong?
  7. As for the number of Lessons Shared, it is even crazier. Please, explain.
  8. And, finally, there is a minor bug in the “Daily Goal” section: here it shows 5:16 hrs, but before midnight it’ll show something like 43 hrs. It should automatically change to minutes.

Windows Chrome screenshots:

Screenshot Monday 21 apr 2021 07:35 GMT:
(Words Read values expected to be the same)

Android app screenshot (“The last two months”):

  1. I believe stats box on the right takes more time to update, and that’s the only reason it sometimes shows different (lower) numbers than main stats screen. If you give it time to update, they will match.

  2. We’ll see if that’s something we can do in the upcoming update we are working on.

  3. “Last two months” on the app is just wrong wording. Stats are for last 3 months, just like on the web. I asked our Android developer to change that while back, but I guess he forgot. I’ll remind him.

  4. You can always manually increase times read for each lesson after you complete it. It will increase automatically only when you complete a lesson first time.

  5. “CHANGE” shows increase/decrease of your stats compared to previous week (in case you have “last 7 days” option selected).

  6. and 7) Let me check this with our team and I’ll get back with more details.

  7. Thanks, we’ll fix that.


Hi Zoran, concerning item №1:
I made a screenshot today - Monday 21 apr 2021 07:35 GMT. I’m in GMT+3 timezone. The “Last 7 days” on the left and the “Last week” on the right. My idea was that the “Last week” option takes into account only calendar weeks. If it was true, values would be the same today.
But the “Words Read” values are still very different: 49323 vs 38527. I have given it 11 hours to update.
This statistics leaves me confused. Please clarify.

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just a reminder


I would still like to know what those metrics mean! :slight_smile:

@Sergey Sorry about the delay here. Are your stats still not the same on these places?

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Actually, the Words read values are the same, thank you for fixing this! So, only questions 6, 7, and 8 are remained to be cleared up.