Questions about possibly downgrading paid account

I like LingQ, but unfortunately I am having to tighten my budget a bit these days, and my paid subscription may be a casualty.

I am wondering about the limitations of the free version of LingQ. If I don’t renew my paid subscription:

  1. What happens with all the LingQs I already created, will they still be saved?
  2. I know the free version has a limit of 20 LingQs per day. What happens after I hit the limit for that day? Will I still see the blue words? Can I still click on them and see the definition? I just won’t be able to save them?
  3. Can I still use the app on iPad/my Android phone to listen to audio and read along? I think I read the free version does not allow offline access? I’m not sure what the practical implications of that are. For example, I know when I open a lesson in the app, the audio is downloaded and cached locally. Does the free version not do this? Does it stream it each time? I’m just wondering how that affects my data usage.


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  1. During the downgrade process you will be asked if you want to keep your data saved. You can keep them saved if you activate the Vacation Plan ($2/month) and all data will remain on your account. You will be able to switch back to Premium anytime you want later to continue where you left off.

  2. With Free (or Vacation) plan you won’t be able to create more LingQs. 20 LingQs limit is a hard limit, not daily limit.

  3. You will be able to use the app, but offline mode won’t work as you have said. While you are online, however, you will still have access to all the lessons as all lessons at LingQ are free to read and listen.

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Since my query is pretty much similar, let me write it here. My current subscription will end in February 2021. I will not renew it but would rather buy the life membership for a single language like in my case German. To do this, what I am supposed to do ? Thanks

You can buy Lifetime membership for German here:

If you don’t want Premium to renew, you can cancel Premium before it renews automatically on the Account Settings page (Login - LingQ), you’ll see the “Change Plan” option there where you can downgrade to FREE.

After your Premium expire, your account will drop to FREE level, but you will have unlimited access in German for as long as you have LingQ account.

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Hi Zoran.
I have a premium account and I am also interested in buying Lifetime membership.
My subscription ends this month November 24th 2020.
My question is: do I need to downgrade to free and wait until it changes to a free account before I buy Lifetime membership or can I do them at the same time? I Do not want to lose my lingQs and stats.

@marcossfernandes No need to wait, you can get Lifetime right away if you want. Totally up to you. Just make sure to cancel Premium after that to avoid getting charged monthly again after November 24th.

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I did as you told me and while trying to downgrade my premium subscription I selected Lifetime Premium, made the payment, and then on my Settings page a message says:
Current Tier: Lifetime Premium English (changing to Free on November 24, 2020)
Is that correct?
Did the downgrade from premium worked?
Am I going to be charged again from the premium subscription?

All good! I checked and you did everything properly. You will remain on Lifetime only after November 24th.

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