Questions about flashcards


I’m new here and I have several questions about flashcards.

  1. I have several LingQs for already about 30 hours. However, when I click on “Due for Review (SRS)” it always says “Your SRS deck is empty.” Is it going to fill up after a while?

  2. The status will only be increased when I answer a flashcard two times correctly. But that only refers to one session, correct? When I click on “Launch cards”, answer 25 flashcards correctly and then quit for an hour, do the same again later again, etc. I will always be asked the same questions and the status of the flashcards will never increase? So whenever I do flashcards, I have to be prepared to do everything at least twice? Or should I click on “Remove when status increased” and do the 25 flashcards until this list is empty. But that would lead increase all statuses by 1, even when I am really bad at the last words.

  3. How should I begin to do flashcards? I click on “Learn → Vocabulary” and then the cards are sorted according to “Importance”. So the important cards are always on top. When I start now with a click on “Launch cards”, I will always be asked the first 25 items of my list. And as long as I don’t add any LinqQs, these items will always be the same, no matter how long the list is. So I always have to answer the same 25 items. That can’t be correct. But I don’t know what should I do differently. I could change the sort method to “status”, is that the way to go? But then I will never be asked flashcards with status 1 as long as I add new LingQs regularly. Clicking on SRS doesn’t work either, as I mentioned in 1.

  4. When can I use the Cloze test? I have now about 50 LingQs, but whenever I click on Cloze test, I receive the error message “No LingQs to cloze test.”.

Sorry for asking so many questions, but I really haven’t understood how to use the flashcard system yet.

Thanks for any answers!

@liverix - 1. You should get Status 1 LingQs added to your SRS bucket after at least 24 hours. It may take a little longer than this depending on your timing versus the timing of the SRS script. Don’t worry you will start to get your LingQs added to the SRS list. Status 2, 3, 4, 4a, 4b LingQs are added at longer intervals.

  1. Yes, the status increase will only happen to LingQs when reviewed in the same session. It’s a good idea to go through a set of flashcards twice and those that you got correct two times will increase in status and those you didn’t will remain the same status. Of course, at any time, you can manually adjust a LingQ’s status just by clicking the desired status. This goes for flashcards, cloze tests, multiple choice tests and dictation.

  2. You can review any way you like. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to review all LingQs as flashcards or in cloze tests etc… You should vary your activities and make sure you are continuing to study new lessons and create more LingQs. Don’t feel like you have to “learn” every word you LingQ. You can review using the tests. You can review them on the vocabulary page just in list form. When you study a lesson all LingQs are shown in yellow and can be reviewed as you read. It’s a gradual process which you need to tackle from a variety of angles. Figure out what works best for you or what you enjoy.

  3. That is strange that the Cloze test isn’t working. Where are you trying to click on Cloze test?

Good luck!

Thank you for your answers! It is a huge help for me.

  1. I learn English and Chinese. English works very well. But with Chinese I get the above mentioned error message.

@liverix - Would you be able to take a quick screenshot of the page when trying to click on the Cloze Test for Chinese? This should help us to better understand why this might be happening. You can just send the screenshot to support (at)