Questions about ИСТОРИЯ НИНЫ, lesson 20

I have some questions about lesson 20 of ИСТОРИЯ НИНЫ:

народу в клуб ходит мало – why народу, a datif?
Нина: Я пока не собираюсь замуж. Он не звал меня.
Начальник: Куда он денется. Такую красавицу - позовет.
I don’t understand the answer of the Начальник. The hints don’t help me!
денется ? позовет?

Hello Evgueny,
Thanks for your message on my “Wall Post”. I tried to answer your message in the small window under your´s but I did not succeed: my message dissappeared. I must have done something wrong. Your message was in Russian. I am sorry that I don’t answer you in your language! I began to study Russian only seven months ago and I feel not sure yet. I have worked with some of your courses: First Steps, Русский с нуля and Простые тексты, and I will study your other courses as well. In the message above this one I asked some questions: one on a grammatical issue, and questions on the interpretation of some words. Could you help me with an answer on these questions ? I thank you in advance!

Hello Ben, you can find my lessons about the cases in two my courses “Грамматические таблицы” и “Практическая грамматика”.
What’s about the text “История Нины” - I don’t think that this text is for levels A1 or A2 like it is indicated, it’s a quite difficult text for the foreigners because there are a lot of slang there.
It isn’t my text. In my courses I try to avoid such words for the first levels.
We can find slang in every language, but it isn’t good to study slang in your first levels, it will come later.
“Народу” isn’t Dative here, it’s an old form of Genetive, you can find such forms also in Polish - мало народу= мало народа
Куда он денется? = У него не будет другого выхода.
позовет = предложит стать женой.
Good luck!


That makes it clear! Thank you, Evgueny!