Question regarding course order/listing

Hey there

I just signed up for LingQ and I have some questions regarding the website/system:

I understand that I need to add courses based on my level, in this case, let’s say Russian beginner 1. The checkbox will filter out those courses that do not belong to the category. So far so good.

Next up, I get a list of courses that fit said category (beginner 1) yet I am not sure they are listed by any sort of progressive (difficulty-wise) order, or are they?

1.- Is the list ordered? My guess would be no. The lessons inside the courses do seem ordered but are the courses that hold them ordered as well?
2.- Is there a recommended order of sorts? I would argue that say, starting by understanding the characters and words would precede, for instance, trying to understand a bunch of paragraphs with more ‘complex’ vocabulary and conjugations. If there is such a recommended order, how can I get access to it?

I simply want to make sure I’m using the site/system properly, hoping to avoid learning the lessons in a reversed direction.


Hello Capagris!
I’m a beginner too, but I think I managed to understand the site a little.

Regarding your first question, your guess is probably right. I noticed that the courses are not listed taking into account the difficulty.

As for the second question, I really think that it depends on the individual. The important thing is to start and keep learning. It doesn’t really matter which course you pick. In my case, I just picked up a course and started to learn. It is, of course, important to understand some basic words, or at least to know the alphabet (in the case of Russian).

To understand how the site works, I recommend the videos made by Steve.

I hope this helped. Have a nice day!

Hi! As andrewdobre says, there isn’t really a fixed order of which order you need to take courses in. What’s most important is that the course you’re studying is one that keeps you engaged and interested.

The list, by the way, is ordered by roses. If a member likes a lesson they can give it a rose, and the courses with the most roses are typically the most popular/most liked courses.

I’d also follow up with andrewdobre’s suggestion and direct you to the Academy page (click the “Academy” link at the top). Here you’ll find some videos on how the site works in addition to some videos from Steve, LingQ’s co-founder, on how to be a successful language learner. Good luck!

Thanks for the clarification Andrew.

Alright, thanks Alex.