Question on Importing Lessons

I have just started importing some Spanish lessons for my own personal use, and I am a bit confused. My course shows that I have 32 lessons and 7,350 new words among them (I’m pretty sure there’s more than this…). But when you go into the course, I have over 80 lessons that all show up just fine. Is there some kind of maximum cap that it allows for lessons or new words or am I just doing something wrong?

I’m brand new to LingQ, so Thanks in advance!

Hi @hel9287,
Can you please send me a link to that course so that I can check it out and try to figure out what’s wrong?
As you probably know, each lesson at LingQ can have maximum 2000 words, so if you are importing a text with more words, text will be splited into parts. However, there is no limit in number of words in text you are importing and you should be able to import long text without problem.

I think it just has certain pages that it stalls out on. I ended up splitting the lesson manually a couple of times then it let me continue adding not manually for awhile then manually then not, ect. For some reason it just doesn’t like some lessons. And I’m not sure why, but today when I logged on, the lesson and word numbers finally updated! If you still need the course, let me know and I can get it for you. Lista de cuentos - Cuentos de Andersen is the list of stories I was importing. If you just keep going down, eventually it will decide not to work then it will decide to work, then not work ect. If it doesn’t like a story, it will not add the remaining parts after the first one regardless of whether you add it by copy/paste or the browser import. 081 El último sueño del viejo roble (Cuento de Navidad) - El último sueño del viejo roble (Cuento de Navidad) was the story that it first got hung up on. Even just now, it still won’t do it unless I split it manually, so there’s something about a few pages that makes it so that it won’t load them. Let me know if you need more info! Thanks!