Question on highlighting options

What’s the difference between “Standard” highlighting and “Foreground Color” highlighting?

Foreground (top) is better visible in dark mode


Foreground highlighting brings the highlighting element to the front and it basically appears “on top of” the text.

Background highlighting is almost as if it’s appearing “behind the text”.

So that’s why foreground highlighting tends to be better for dark mode.

When using background highlighting in dark mode it “muddles” the appearance of the highlighting by merging the black background and the yellow “background” of the highlighting. Like there “competing to be seen” while the color of the text is “pulled” to the front:

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I suppose these below are the settings?

I wish there was an (i) on each setting explaining what they do. Not all of them are so intuitive. Imho

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Yes, those are the settings. And I agree “i” icons on settings like those would be helpful.

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