[Question] Is There a Faster Way to Upload to LingQ?

If I have 20 articles that I want to upload I have to click on the browser extension and wait for each one. Same if I want to upload YT videos with subtitles.

Is there a way that we can copy all URLs (and choose the Default course or another one), put the list somewhere and leave it to LingQ to upload them one by one? We can just wait 24hrs until the process is done automatically.

It would be a lot faster to create a .txt with all urls and leave it to LingQ to do its job.

What’s the fastest way you have now?


You’ll have to go one by one. There is no faster way at the moment I am afraid.

Too bad. This could be very useful even for you. A spider could just collect all blog post urls of a particular creative common blog and then upload it. This would save a lot of time for adding content.

Hello Davide,

I think you are looking for the LingQ-API. The official documentation is here: Contents: — LingQ 1.0 documentation
I’ve played around with it and successfully uploaded text and audio. Unfortunately the docs aren’t quite up to date. With LingQ5 a new API version was introduced - v3. Here is a brief mockup for a file upload:

curl --location --request POST ‘https://www.lingq.com/api/v3/it/lessons/
–header ‘Authorization: Token 12345’
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–form ‘collection=“12345”’
–form ‘title=“Example”’
–form ‘text=“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”’
–form ‘language=“it”’
–form ‘status=“private”’
–form ‘audio=@“/Users/username/Downloads/1.mp3”’

(Obviously you can just use your favorite programming language with your favorite http-library.)
I’m unfortunately not a computer expert and don’t know how to feed the URLs into the API, but a dedicated developer forum exists; I would be surprised if there weren’t some tech-savvy users here on LingQ: Lingq Developer Forum - Language Forum @ LingQ


Thanks for the idea but I would prefer a method already implemented by LingQ. I have the tendency to forget those kind of hacks as it’s not my territory.
They should allow people to create add-ons, this would be very useful. Imho.

Sorry, but I think there is a misunderstanding, this is the official API, not a hack. When you upload something using the website, this API is used. You can verify this using the web developer tools of your browser.
As I said I’m not an expert, but since you are interested in browser extensions, I suppose those are open-source in general (?), so you should be able to take a look yourself. For example on Firefox you can start with: How to examine source code of Firefox extension before installing it? - Super User
But since the LingQ extension, at least on Firefox, is licensed under the GPL-v3, you can also ask LingQ to provide the source code.
And also look at what the extension does, by navigating to here: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox

I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to develop your own browser extension to interface with the LingQ API.

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