Question: How learn the better posible the English?

Question: How learn the better posible the English?

Listening, reading,reviewing, writing, observing.

Listen to what experienced language learners says like Steve and some others.

The Way of The Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey - LingQ Language Library You can read SteveĀ“s book which I think is interesting to start.

Lots of inputs acquired from easy materials like graded readers, simple podcasts with lots of explanations for example is a good start. Each vocabulary is defined separately.

Above all, in order to make strong progess you need to devote 2-3 hours daily by either listening or reading. That is only possible if you have strong motivation or passion for your target language which is in your case, is English.

If you know all the best language learning tips and techniques but if you do not have passion or discipline in your studies, you will not go anywhere.

Start with easy materials and then work your way up.