Question about the vocabulary section

Hi Lingq Team,

First of all I have to say that you offer a great service. Learning English with LINGQ is very efficient and makes fun.
I am new to the LINGQ service and still “playing” a little bit with the functionality of the system.

My question is about the word table in the vocabulary section.

What is the meaning of

  • the number in the paranthesis
  • the Plus sign in square brackets

beside the word that I want to learn ?

Thank you.



You may the Lingqcentral blog FAQ area useful. Here are some answers from there.

The numbers indicate the status of the LingQ or term that you have saved.

In Workdesk, what does ‘Status’ mean?
There are four different status levels: Open, New, Updated and Complete. A content item can say ‘New’, which means you have selected it from the Store but you have never opened it in order to study it. The status can say ‘Open’, which means you have opened it in the Workdesk area but you have not updated the item. This means you have not added all the words that you know to your ‘Known Words’ total. To do this, click on ‘Update’. Your status will now be ‘Updated’ and your ‘Known Words’ total will increase. All the words you did not save, will be added to your ‘Known Words’ total. If you click on ‘Update’ and then on ‘I’m all done’, the status will change to ‘Complete’.

The + sign indicates a Priority LingQ.

What is the Priority LingQs list?

The Priority LingQs list contains the 25 most important words that you have saved. These words are important because they occur most frequently which is why it makes sense to learn them first. That is why we show these words on the Overview page for review and on the Write page for you to try and use in your writing.

Here is the URL for the LingQCentral blog.

Thank you very much.