Question about the Portuguese word aggregador's importance

I just have read an article about Lula attending and praising this man with many qualities. Many of these I understand except I found the word agregador, meaning aggregator. I understand what this is but found listing this as a value puzzling, perhaps we use a synonym for this more often. I am an American and am asking, is this particular word used often to note a value in a person in Brasil?

What’s the full sentence? I don’t think I’ve ever used the word agregador in my life, but it might make sense in context

“E fez rasgados elogios a Alckmin, que definiu como discreto, ponderado, leal e agregador.” This was Lula commenting on Alckmin.

The verb “agregar” has two meanings 1) “to aggregate” and 2) “to add value”, for example: “isso é inútil e não agrega nada na minha vida” (this is useless and doesn’t add anything to my life). Likewise the noun “agregador” also has two meanings: 1) aggregator or 2) person who adds value.

The verb is very common and all Brazilians use it regularly but the noun isn’t as common. It took me a minute to understand what Lula meant