Question about schedule conersation and how to get tutor points

LingQ Support:

I have a few questions below. Please help.

  1. My student Jason Uhl (id xio) said he does not know how to schedule more than 15 minutes one on one conversation with me. He said his screen only gave him option to schedule 15 minutes. Do you know how he can schedule more than 15 minutes?

  2. Jason had conversation with me for one hour on 9/17 from 2-3 and on 9/24 from 2-3. How can I get points for those conversation?

Jason is the first paying student for me, so I am not familiar how this works. Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi Shawying

  1. Since Jason bought a course from you, all of his conversations are only for 15 minutes. That is what he has paid for. You can’t extend conversations that are part of a course. If he wants to speak longer with you, he can go to the Speak page where he can look up your available time and sign up for additional time. If the time surrounding his initial conversation is still available he can sign up and therefore have a continuous conversation with you.

  2. Jason has only paid for a $15 minute conversation. If he wants to speak for longer, he should follow the instructions above. As for the extra time you have already spent with Jason, he does not have enough points to cover that time. I will ask him to buy more points to cover your time.