Question about Russian Letter "Ë"

Hi all:) My question is for Russian speakers. I’ve learned from a book I have the the Russian letter “ë” is pronounced “yo,” that it takes the stress for any word it’s in, etc. But I was wondering why so often it’s just written as a regular “e,” e.g. “ee” instead of “eë,” “питье” instead of “питьё,” etc.

It’s not that it’s something I have major issues with, I can usually pick it out when trying to read Russian. I’m just curious.:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance to all who respond!

Every Russian pupil have to read Tolstoy (War and Peace!), Dostoyevsky, Turgenev and so on, so forth. School libraries should have enough copies for every pupil. Have you seen Tolstoy’s books? So many pages! A lot of "ё"s!
“Экономика должна быть экономной” (Economy should be economic — ?) We can’t waste ink for the dots above “ё”! If you print 100 copies of “Peace and War” without dots above ё, a 101-st copy is printed with saved ink :)))

I can’t imagine any other reason now. As this rule of not using dots above ё is for printed texts only. When you write something, you always write dots. At least I was taught to write ё with dots. Btw, I never use e instead ё, when I type.

As I see it, now everyone who likes ё, use it and who doesn’t like it or is just lazy, doesn’t use it. BTW our former Great Chief V. Lenin canceled 6 letters (if I remember correctly) from the alphabet. Those letters were “ять”, “ижица”, and others (can’t recollect). The rules of those letters’ usage were obscure and difficult. The letters in the ABC had in those times long and strange names: “Аз”, “Буки”, “Веди”, “Глаголь” и т.п. And children in every Russian school (which were called “гимназия”) studied Ancient Greet, Latin and two modern languages, usually German, French or English (four at once!). But all that was long long ago.

Спасибо всем за ответы. :slight_smile:

Есть такой анекдот,почему нигде не печатают Ё, кроме учебников, что это порекомендовал Сталин в 30-е годы. Мол, русские всё равно правильно будут читать и говорить, зато мы легко можем вычислить всех иностранных шпионов, которые будут произносить не Ё, а Е. Орфография на службе у политики, как всё в то время.