Question about roses for privatly shared lessons

I’m wondering what happens if I share a private lesson with friends and they give a rose for this lesson. Or if I give a rose for a private lesson that I haven’t shared. Is this rose shown for all members? Can other members than open the lesson’s URL?

I’m asking because I selected “all / Geman / all countries” on the friends page. I saw that “Erkek” has given a rose for the private lesson "Pimsleur 1-1 ". I guess this lesson is private because I couldn’t find it in the library. I was able to import this lesson. But I’m not a follower or friend of “Erkek”. And I cannot imagine that he wants to share this lesson with me.

I’m asking because I don’t want that friends accidentally share my privately shared lessons by giving a rose. Can this happen?

Ja,sobald jemand für eine Lektion eine Rose gibt erscheint der Link in dieser “Rosenmitteilung” und kann problemlos importiert werden.Dann ist "Deine"Lektion plötzlich auch eine Lektion vom neuen Provider.

Es scheint wirklich ein komplexes Problem zu sein.

Der einzige Vorteil mit dem neuen System ist,dass der neue Provider nur zur betreffenden Lektion Zugriff hat, nicht zur ganzen, privat importierten, Sammlung,wie es vorher war.

Translation of Jolanda’s post:
Yes, as soon as someone gives a rose for a lesson the lesson link appears in the rose notifications and can be imported without any problems. Then “your” lesson is immediately a lesson of the new provider.
It seems to be a really complex problem.
The only advantage of the new system is that the new provider has access to the lesson itself and not to the whole privately imported course like before.

Thank you, Jolanda. It looks like that what I was worried about and what me prevented from sharing lessons privately. The system looks not safe to me. I would like to hear a statement from the support too.

@Vera, Jolanda - When you share an imported lesson, it must have a link attached to the place on the web where it was found. This means you can follow the link to the original site to import that same text for yourself. There is also an import button which facilitates the import of that lesson into your account to save you the time of going to that other site. I think this is what you are asking. I have no idea why you would give a rose and share an imported lesson if you in fact don’t want to share it but all imported lessons that are shared should have a public internet link to the source attached and should not really be content that should not be shared. You are able to share privately of course but then nobody else can see that link so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Mark, what happens if I share a lesson with Jolanda. The lesson is for Jolanda only. And Jolanda gives the lesson a rose. Than this rose is visible and other people can import the lesson as well. That is what I’m worried about.

Vera, if you share an imported lesson with Jolanda and she takes it, it is imported into her account as a private lesson for her. I’m not sure why she would give that lesson a rose unless she wants to share it. If she wants you to have a rose, she would have to give you one on your profile.

sure! I know how to send roses to Vera directly! but is this clear for all user???


Exactly that is what I’m worried about it. I’m sure most users didn’t know that they share a lesson publicly by giving a rose for a lesson.

@VeraI - The “Share” window includes a place to type a message and also displays the privacy setting default to “Public” and a button that says “Share”, so I’m not sure that anyone would be confused about what this does.

In a way, if you share a lesson with jolanda then she’s free to do what she wants with it. In the same way that if I forward a private email to someone, I’m not able to control who they show it to. We can’t really control situations like this, as I’m sure you can understand.

@Alex: I think it is not ideal the way it is, but I understand your problem to find a better solution. So I’ll not share lessons that should stay private because I’m sure that others will not see the consequences. They want to be nice and give a rose but they don’t consider what this means.