Question about lesson editing

I just wanted to ask if someone knew how to add a lesson at the beginning of a course (at not at the end as default).
I know you can edit the order of the lessons by typing the numbers in the “edit course” tab, but it’s not practical for what I have in mind.

Let’s say I have a course with 20 lessons, so if I add the 21th, I’ll have to change 20 numbers by adding 1 to each of those, and choose number 0 for the lesson I just added… there must be another way that I don’t know…

It’s not possible I am afraid, lessons are by default added at the bottom.

Would be great if it could be added in a future update.
An overhaul of the lesson and course editing system would be fantastic, really. Would love to be able to drag and drop the lessons, instead of having to manually change the position number of each lesson, for example.


I think you cannot do that becuase lessons are added at the bottom