Question about importing

Is there a way to remove (or to edit) the description of a video when importing via the google addon?

I’m importing from a youtube channel with a huge wall of text in each video description and it makes so I can’t even navigate inside the imported lessons.

You can edit the imported lesson text after it’s been imported. (on the site through the browser)

Maybe I wasn’t clear, what I don’t know is how to remove the description of a video automatically imported from youtube. I have browsed through every button on the editing window and I still can’t see how to do it or even if it’s possible.
I don’t want to have this:

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You were clear…I just didn’t read carefully enough to see you were talking about the description. I looked at one of the youtube videos I’ve imported and see I have a long description as well. I don’t see anywhere that you can edit it.

Can you send me the lesson link of that imported YouTube video please. Lesson description can be removed at the bottom on Edit Lesson page.

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I don’t see anything at the bottom.

link of the lesson: Login - LingQ

but then again, it’s not about a single lesson, I would like to import other videos from that youtube channel and they all have these huge descriptions…

edit: I finally managed to do it, you have to toggle it to share to delete the descriptions… Thanks!
although the lengthy youtube link does pretty much the same haha

anyway thanks! I think fixing the link should be easier

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