Question about exporting lingqs

I just noticed that when exporting the vocabulary files, either in csv or in the anki format, the notes wouldn’t appear on the flashcards.

Is this intentional? As someone that writes a lot of notes this is quite an issue.

Notes aren’t exported. Just terms, together with phrases and tags.

Any plan on changing that in the future?

Not sure at the moment. We’ll see if that’s something we can do.


Thanks a lot.
As I was saying, it would really be very useful for people like me who use the notes a lot. Please keep us informed. Have a nice week-end!

Are there any updates?

I don’t think we will make any changes regarding LingQs export, sorry.

Well that’s unfortunate, but thanks for the quick answer.

I just had in mind adding the notes in the Anki decks, after the definition. Then again, I don’t know how much would it cost to implement, or if they is any need…

Maybe we can discuss it again in the future. Thanks once more, and have a nice day!

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