Question about dictionaries

I am interested in being able to determine the gender of German nouns that are unknown to me when I am lingQing. I am also wanting to learn the plural of those nouns to enter in the information I am saving in the lingQ. I don’t see how that is possible with the choices of dictionaries that pop up when I encounter an unknown word: Google Translate, Google Search, Google Images,, and Babylon Translator. Am I missing something or can I add a dictionary such as Beolingus or perhaps another that some of the native German speakers would recommend, that would contain that type of information. ? Thanks for the help.

[edit] bowing out – just saw the message was directed to native German speakers and support people.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look into adding this dictionary soon, along with any others that have been mentioned in the past.

I use :

I think is the best

For German grammar issues I use too. It offers the conjugations and examples.
Sometimes I look on for further information.

Already available on LingQ are and These are fine if you want to have a translation and a short grammar definition (word type and gender for example) I use these in the opposite direction. (English to German).

Wordreference offers a lot of information too!

Thank you for all the replies.

When Vera says that and are already available on lingQ, does that mean they should pop up when I am creating a lingQ? Or are they accessed in another way or do I need to adjust my settings in some way so they do pop up with the other choices that I mentioned in the first post of this thread?

Thanks again for the help.


I believe you can change your dictionaries within the LingQ widget (used to be in the top right corner).

@ghenders - You should see all the available dictionaries in the Other Dictionaries list which appears underneath the Babylon translation in the widget. You can set your default dictionary by clicking on Settings beside the Dictionary link.

Thank you Mark,

Have reset so I can see all the dictionaries available to me now. Thank you for your help.