Question about content import guidelines for the library

The content guidelines for sharing lessons in the library state that audio should be saved at 64 Kbps. Can it be set to a higher bitrate or is that a minimum? 64 Kbps seems kind of low. Does it matter if the audio is uploaded to the library or if an audio URL is used instead?

I ask because Librivox provides audio files at 128 Kbps and using audio URLs seems to work without issue. I have some lessons I’ve been working on and I might as well share them since they are public domain.

@cgreen0038 - Yes, the 64kbps is just a minimum :slight_smile:

External audio files can also be used, and many of the shared lessons in the library actually have externally hosted audio files.

Thanks Alex. I’ll be adding about 6 hours of audio to the Japanese library in the near future. :smiley:

Btw, what is the purpose of a “provider”? Is that to show where the lesson material came from? The audio would be from Librivox and I see a provider is already setup for them but the text is from Aozora Bunko.

@cgreen0038 - Up to you; may be good to add one as the provider and mention another in the course description for those who are interested.

@cgreen0038: Like Alex has explained you should use “Librivox” as the provider and add the information about the author in the description only. Otherwise the number of providers would explode because there are lots of recordings from Librivox imported. So they can be easily spotted and selected.