Question about buying a 12-month membership

I bought a one-year membership probably last December. I’m not sure exactly when it will be expired. I’m wondering about buying a new 12-month membership now. When I buy the one, is it possible to notify me when will be my new expiration date?

@kenosaka - If you buy a new membership, it should just get added on to your current membership. If you have any issues, just let us know and we’ll straighten it out.

Is there somewhere on the website shown for how long the actual membership runs? It would be nice to show this information.

If I go to the annual payment page, it says that my annual subscription would expire on 22 September 2012, even though my current subscription is from the 7th or the month. If I were to purchase a 12 month membership, would it be added to my existing monthly subscription, i.e. expire on 7 October 2012, or would it count as a new subscription, meaning I would lose any days on my current month?

@roan - If you purchase a 12-month membership, it should extend your membership to October 7th. As Mark says above, if you run into any issues be sure to let us know and we will take care of it :slight_smile:

@Vera - It shows this on the Settings page if you look at the transactions (i.e. Membership for the period from ___ to ____). At some point, we can look at making this more prominent.

Based on that, I paid for 12 months, and now have the following comment in my list of payments:
12-Month BASIC Membership for the period from September 22, 2011 to September 22, 2012, but date of next payment is October 07, 2012, which is correct.
A bit confusing.

At the renewal date, will it automatically charge for a year, or will it revert to monthly? Presumably I can drop back to monthly by downgrading during the last month of the 12 month period?

@roan - In the system, you’re good until October 7th. We’ll see what we can do to get it to display properly in the list of transactions.

The annual payments are one-time payments, so you will not automatically be charged again. If you don’t extend your membership, you will be downgraded to Free on October 7th, 2012. You can extend your membership again before that or let yourself be downgraded then go month-to-month by upgrading to Basic again.

@Alex: Maybe I’m blind. On my setting page are not transaction. And on the account page I see only “12-Month BASIC” without any date.

I would like to know when my account expires as well, because I think I am in the same situation as kenosaka, but I am not sure.
Alex, if I understood how all this works and payments just add up, technically one could buy two 12-month memberships the same day and that would be valid for the next two years… is that right?

As I wrote on the top, I bought a 12-month membership last year. However, nothing was written about the payment on my transaction chart. And I can’t find anywhere the display of my expiration date. If the transaction was written, I could easily find when my expiration date would be .

So if I buy a new 12-month membership, I’d like you to write the payment date, amount and the expiration date on my chart.